The Catalyst Group does three essential things:

  • Helps you to identify your strategic needs and opportunities
  • Maps out the business development strategies for helping to address them, and
  • Executes the transactions or restructuring to implement the strategies.

We help you explore questions like:

  • Should you build or buy?
  • What is the exit strategy for your investors?
  • Should you use a corporate partnership to execute part of your strategy?
  • Are you well capitalized enough? If not, what are your financing options?

But you may still ask: Why do I need an advisor?

An advisor can make the process of corporate development move more quickly, effectively, and profitably. There are several reasons:

Focus and Outside Perspective.

You're busy running your company, which means you probably don't have the time to do a second job of corporate development. That's all we do. We also bring an external, dispassionate view of your company, its markets, technology, and the financial opportunities that may exist for you.

Deal Expertise

Our aim is help you to build value. Catalysts will help you to optimize price (whether as a buyer or a seller) and help you to put together a deal that maximises the value you receive. You'll make all the key decisions, but we can handle all the rest of the business that's required to make a deal - or a series of deals - take place in a timely fashion. Our experience of navigating the sometimes tortuous process of bringing a deal to closure means that it's more likely it will close successfully.