Every company lives by setting goals, mapping out strategies to achieve them and then executing the plan. Of course, in the world of technology, changes in the market, technology or the competitive environment may require you to change your goals and strategies quickly. But you need to keep a close eye on those goals. Are you meeting them? If not, The Catalyst Group can help. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are your revenues growing as fast as or faster than your competitors? Has growth stalled?
  • Has the competition increased, perhaps with new players entering your market?
  • Are changes in technology forcing you to re-think your goals?
  • Do you have access to the capital you need to take full advantage of your opportunities?
  • Is it time to begin an exit strategy?
  • Are your goals still the right goals?
  • Do they meet the aspirations of shareholders and your management?

If any of these are an issue for your company or your investors, you should be talking with The Catalyst Group.