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Tim has worked in senior levels in software, IT services and life science companies throughout his working life, and has been able to use his experience in a wide variety of roles.

Tim has a Chemistry MA and DPhil from Oxford University and an MTech from Brunel University. He started work in the OR department of the National Coal Board before moving to San Francisco where he worked in corporate planning and computing for Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation. Tim was an early employee with Logica, where he set up the Scandinavian and Australian companies, and rose to become Chief Executive, Logica Communications Ltd., responsible for all UK business in the telecoms, media, computer vendor, transport and central government sectors. At Logica, he bought a Swedish professional services company and sold the Unix and telematics information publishing division.

After Logica, he joined Oasis, the business re-engineering company, as director of the telecommunications group. He was later headhunted as the Managing Director of Oxford Molecular Group plc to help float this software based drug design and genomics company. The IPO took place in April 1994, raising £10M. In this role, he led the purchase of two West Coast software companies.

He was Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Environments Group plc, a leading supplier of Internet enabled business solutions. Tim was recruited to help redirect strategy and, working with Laurence Shafe, floated the company in 1996 as the London stock market's first internet company, raising £16m and a total exit for the original investors. At Intelligent Environments he bought the Chicago based company, Intrepid Consulting Inc.

With experience in the technology, telecommunications and bio-medical sectors, Tim has acted as a Non Executive Chairman and Director for several companies, and has been involved in a number of other successes.

In 1995, he was a founding non executive director and shareholder of Anson Medical Ltd, which developed minimally invasive medical devices for the treatment of cardio-vascular disease. The company IPOed in 2001, achieving a value of £18m on its AIM listing.

He is currently Chairman of Cambridge Flat Projection Displays and is a Non Executive Director of Panacea, a systems integration company, and of Myguides, a web publishing company, He is also a non executive director of The Chesham Building Society, where he advises on IT strategy and internet banking activities. He also advises Brunel University on new spinouts.

Tim has lived and worked in Finland, Norway, the US and Australia.