Whatever specific services we provide to you, our goal is always to help your business leverage its current resources to become more successful. Our experience in the technology market, our external perspective, our worldwide business contacts, and our transaction experience enables The Catalyst Group to help you identify new strategies for success and then carry them out. Our services include:


The Catalyst Group can give you a valuation of what your company is worth today. Valuing small and medium sized private technology companies is an art not a science, and we know what attracts buyers and what sellers can do to obtain the best valuation. We have extensive experience evaluating the hard and soft components of a company's value, with particular emphasis on intellectual property issues. With pre-sale planning, we can also advise you how to increase the value of your company for a future sale.

Advisory Services

The Catalyst Group offers a unique problem-solving perspective to its clients. From evaluating your competitive position, improving business systems, to designing and implementing your go-to-market approach, we can help you to optimise your business. It could be a fixed piece of work to solve a specific problem, to taking on a non-executive role in your company to provide management support. The Catalyst team has international non-executive experience in both public and private companies. We have helped a large number of clients to restructure their businesses, sometimes as an alternative to a transaction, sometimes as part of the pre-sale preparation.

Transaction Services

Corporate transactions can be tricky and difficult to execute successfully. Tricky in making sure the fit is right, from a business and a cultural perspective. Difficult in aligning the capital structures and solving the legal, regulatory and other constraints quickly and securely so that the combination occurs in a timely fashion and you can focus on building the new business. These challenges are all the more daunting when the transactions occur across borders. The Catalyst Group has the experience to help your company navigate your transaction successfully. We have deep knowledge of the practical issues of business combinations to produce prompt results. Whether the issues are legal, accounting, regulatory or cultural, The Catalyst Group can help you solve them.

  • We can help you to evaluate buy versus build options, bringing a unique buyer's perspective to assessing sellers, screening any candidates carefully to locate the right fit for you - and your budget.
  • We can prepare your company for sale. We will help you to prepare for due diligence, set up a data room and offer intellectual property advice.
  • Divestitures. We understand the issues: getting the highest value for the property, making sure the customers are well looked after and providing a good new home for your former employees.
  • Corporate Partnering. Corporate partnerships can include distribution agreements, technology licensing, joint ventures, or corporate equity investments. We can help you explore your options identifying potential partners, structuring the partnership and negotiating the deal.